Know Your Lucky Numbers and Master Your Life

Nature has endless mysteries which can always bring you unexpected surprises! Many people may not know that "Numbers" are also believed to have the attributes of The Five Elements. Each number is considered carrying rich connotations and energy. It corresponds to people of different zodiac signs and has very different effects. In China, the column "Chinese I Ching Feng Shui Collection" with more than 100 million viewers has recently published "Lucky Numbers of the 12 Chinese Zodiac"  which implies rich philosophy of life. Let's see what our lucky numbers are!


The element of Rat is Water.  The lucky numbers are 4 and 6.
4 can enhance their courage and self-confidence.
6 can bring them noble people and luck, and Rats can get help from friends and guidance from seniors in times of difficulty.


The element of Ox is Earth.  The lucky numbers are 7 and 5.
7 can help them take a proactive approach to life and make things more efficient.
5 will make them calm and successful.


The element of Tiger is Wood.  The lucky numbers are 6 and 8.
6 enhances their wisdom and they can learn everything quickly!
8 will make them more caring, help others often, have better relationships and get help from noble people.


The element of Rabbit is Wood.  The lucky numbers are 1 and 3.
1 brings them noble people and luck, friends and elders will help them.
3 will boost their leadership and management abilities. Promotion and salary increase are always theirs.


The element of Dragon is Earth.  The lucky numbers are 2 and 0.
2 will bring luck for romance, single dragons will find their partners, and the married will lead a sweeter and happier life.
0 can bring good popularity, help them find good work partners and make more good friends.


The element of Snake is Fire.  The lucky numbers are 3 and 7.
3 brings good luck to their career and helps them get more appreciation at work.
7 will enhance their artistic talent, music and art in particular, and let life be full of beauty.


The element of Horse is Fire.  The lucky numbers are 8 and 2.
8 can bring creativity, make them more imaginative, more open-minded, and be able to accomplish their missions from different perspectives.
2 can increase knowledge, make work more efficient and things go smoothly.


The element of Goat is Earth.  The lucky numbers are 7 and 5.
7 can make them face anything with optimism, meet challenges with a smile, and even difficult tasks can be easily solved.
5 can make them more determined, not give up easily, and success and wealth will come sooner or later.


The element of Monkey is Metal.  The lucky number is 0.
Monkeys tend to be impatient. 0 just helps soothe their nerves and keeps them calm, so that they can have a better career development.


The element of Rooster is Metal.  The lucky number is 5.
Roosters are more conservative. They do not have many friends as some people feel that they are a little proud.
5 can just strengthen their eloquence, improve their personality and relationships. Be more mellow and get help from the nobles.


The element of Dog is Earth.  The lucky numbers are 2 and 0.
2 can improve relationships and help them find their better half soon.
0 can strengthen their work capability, enhance performance in their career.


The element of Pig is Water.  The lucky numbers are 9 and 1.
9 can change their indecisive personality when encountering things and help them accomplish tasks more efficiently.
1 can increase love luck, make them easier to encounter their soulmate and live a happy life.