Ode to Happiness by Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves read his poem "Ode to Happiness"!

# 1  Poem and voice by Keanu Reeves with lovely illustrations by a Keanu fan

# 2  In a Chinese TV show, Keanu read his poem. This poem was inspired by Keanu's friend Janey who likes to listen to really sad music. Then he described himself and talked about the "eating a sandwich on a bench by himself in a park" thing. The "sandwich" part is so amusing. You will see a humorous and adorable Keanu and love this guy even more.

That's how Keanu described himself :

"I'm an optimist through total pessimism."
"I am introverted and shy."
"I don't think I have a lack of words."
"... self-discipline ... yes!"
"... full of little gestures ... sure!"
He doesn't think he's sad in general ... but sometimes of course ...

Ode to Happiness by Keanu Reeves

I draw a hot sorrow bath
in my despair room
with a misery candle burning
I wash my hair with regret shampoo
After cleaning myself with pain soap
I dry myself with my gorgeous white
one hundred percent and it will never change towel
Then smooth on my I don't deserve lotion
and I hate myself face cream
Then I put on my alone again silk pajamas
and go to sleep
When the hue has gone blue
and you can't quite grin and bear it
let this word picture remind you
It can always be worse