How do the Chinese zodiac signs react when they receive flowers? (Updated Post)

Today is Valentine's Day (February 14). Let's talk about flowers.

Each of the 12 Chinese signs has its unique characteristics. When it comes to receiving flowers, their reactions can be very different. Here I'm not specifically referring to Valentine's Day. The following are 12 funny cartoons depicting their personality traits. Have a great smile!

In the original post "How do the Chinese zodiac signs react when they receive flowers?" which I published in 2016, the loading of certain script is very slow, that's why I've decided to create an updated post this Valentine's Day to display all the 12 pictures.

1. Rat - Clever

2. Ox - Practical

3. Tiger - Outspoken

4. Rabbit - Gentle

5. Dragon - Generous

6. Snake - Smart

7. Horse - Unruly

8. Goat - Compassionate

9. Monkey - Witty

10. Rooster - Arrogant

11. Dog - Loyal

12. Pig - Liberal

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