Why purple is your new favourite colour this Chinese New Year

Why not purple?!

With the coming of Chinese New Year on Jan 28 2017, red is the predominant colour. Those celebrating the occasion adore red clothing, red lanterns, red spring couplets with auspicious words, and of course Ang Pows (red packets)!

But purple – or “dzi sik” in Cantonese – is also a popular colour.

In fact, feng shui masters often recommend that we place purple objects or wear purple clothing as an auspicious hue for the moment. They say the colour purple attracts luck, wealth and fame.  Hong Kong feng shui master Mak Ling Ling says everyone should use more red or purple coloured items to create good fortune.

In the Year Of The Fire Rooster, those born under the Dog, Rabbit, Rat and Rooster signs are believed to "offend Tai Sui" (犯太歲 / 犯太岁). They could use either red or purple objects to attract luck and appease Tai Sui (Grand Duke Of Jupiter 太歲 / 太岁).

The Wealth Star flies to the East this year. For luck and wealth, it is favourable to place red or purple objects at the East of the house.

Alternatively, a potted plant with big leaves also does the trick to draw more prosperity.

To gain more popularity or better relationship this year, display a pot of flower or a purple object in the centre of the house.

source : Ribena