Best Timing to Bank-in Money

In Singapore, those born under the sign of the Horse may be prepared to stay up or wake up in the wee hours on Li Chun Day (立春), 3rd Feb, to deposit money into their bank accounts via ATMs.

Why such a bother? A feng shui firm has released a timetable of the ideal timings to bank in money on the day based on Chinese zodiac signs. For the Horse, the "very auspicious" timing is 3:00am - 4:59am.

Li Chun is the beginning of Spring in Chinese culture and falls on 3rd or 4th February every year. It is an important day to the farmers in the past.

Many Singaporeans believe that depositing money to one's bank account on Li Chun Day will help boost one’s wealth and luck for the rest of the year. So, long queues are expected at banks and ATMs across Singapore this Friday.