Year of The Matriarch: Famous Chinese astrologer predicts Hillary Clinton for president

Last Updated : October 8, 2016

Back in October 2015, some Chinese astrology masters predicted that more women would come into power in the Year of the Monkey (2016).

Master Thean Y Nang is a Feng Shui master and Chinese astrologer based in Malaysia who correctly predicted the 9/11 attacks and the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, and most recently foresaw incredibly bad luck for Malaysia in 2014 – when one of its passenger jets disappeared with all on board and another was shot from the sky over Ukraine – long before any incident occurred.

According to Thean's prediction, there will be more women holding top management positions in financial and commercial circles as well as in politics across the world. Thus, the probability of the candidates for president in USA and Taiwan, namely Hillary Clinton and Tsai Ing-wen respectively, is very high. Thean has already been proven correct as Tsai Ing-Wen was indeed elected a Taiwan's very first female president on 16 January with a landslide win.

Another Feng Shui master Lillian Too has also mentioned that in the Year of the Monkey, matriarchal energy is extremely powerful and it will be a year where the power of women will bring great control to extremely difficult situations.  It is your mother, for example, that will exert greater influence on your life rather than your father and in 2016 this is a really good thing. If you are able to harness the cosmic powers of the female energy, it will make a real difference to everyone’s luck equation; it will bring safety, security, new wealth and effectiveness in management of your own household and even of corporations, organizations and countries.

Is 2016 the year of the Matriarch? Whether Hillary Clinton will become US's first female president or not, we have to wait till November 8. However, it is undeniable that more women have come into power in the political arena as we have seen United Kingdom has its second woman prime minister Theresa May.