What's the best summer vacation for your Chinese zodiac sign?

It's time to pack your bags and hit the road! Turn your destiny into a destination. Airbnb explored insights around last year’s booking habits and travel destinations of their guests across 2 million listings in more than 190 countries. Here is the list of Airbnb's suggestions for the 12 zodiac signs.


Itaweon, Seoul, South Korea

Rats are imaginative and enjoy living for the moment, often aggressively scurrying to popular destinations! You like to explore the grassroots of cities and uncertainty doesn’t scare you. How about Itaweon, Seoul, a neighbourhood known for its energetic and cosmopolitan vibe? You are charming but can be aggressive, so be sure to value your partner’s opinions and share the cheese in your preferred domestic setting of an apartment.


Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

They didn’t coin the idiom “as strong as an ox” after you for nothing. You are a natural leader, goal-driven and steadfast - a pillar of stability others can count on. Although you’ll have no problem exploring new pastures, off-the-beaten track experiences are not exactly your thing. Instead, traditional villas are best enjoyed by the Ox. So team up with the Snake and other like-minded zodiac signs and lead them to a yoga retreat in Ubud!


Ahipara, Northland, New Zealand

Not quite the King of Cats, this feline is still courageous, self-possessed and enjoys being in charge. Unlike your other zodiac friends, you prefer to expl-roar alone fulfilling self-driven ambitions. A nature lover, you prefer to steer clear of cities and go off-the-beaten path where you can take a break from the day-to-day pressures of earning your stripes. Why not live with Sheryl, your Kiwi host who can recommend the best spots to surf near her home? A new challenge to pounce on!


Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Widely known to be fun-loving and expressive creatures, those born in the year of the Rabbit will have no problem going down the rabbit hole with their loved ones. When compared to other zodiac types, you are a big fan of quirky accommodation such as tents, huts and treehouses. Oh, and you tend to jet-set with your significant other too! Are they Goats and Pigs? We see that.


Westhall, United Kingdom

These mythical creatures are a rare breed; full of energy and charisma. If you are lucky enough to have a Dragon as a significant other, be prepared to forgo traditional vacation ideas and get-off-the beaten path. However, do remember that strength without flexibility will lead to fracture. Work with your partner to decide the best accommodation lest both breathe fire! Due to the Dragon’s passion and enthusiasm, it often leaves them exhausted, opting for destinations closer to home.


Tokyo, Japan

Why are we not surprised that you are gregarious and seductive with a keen eye for design? You’re also good with money, and extremely analytical, not jumping into situations you won’t benefit from. A caravan situated within a co-working space will allow you to learn something new on your trip. You are also not one to bite off more than you can chew – you prefer to travel as a couple where you work your charm on your loved one.


Helston, Cornwall, United Kingdom

You are not all about that stable life – your energetic, free spirit loves to roam wild and free. Your love for traveling may be taking a backseat with the frugal approach you take towards life. But don’t be a neigh-sayer! A getaway that’s both light on the wallet and perfect for your drifter soul – that’s a whinny-ng combination right there!


Tomales, California, United States

A Goat you may be but a fan of nature you are not! Your nurturing personality makes you an excellent care-giver. Being home is where you feel most comfortable. You spend more time self-reflecting so a home with big windows and a comfortable couch will be the perfect go(at) to spot for a creative thinker like yourself.


Berlin, Germany

Finally, after 12 long years… the cycle is complete and it is once again your year. Monkeys are a burst of energy and thrive on having fun. Ironically, while you are not one who would enjoy living the great outdoors and staying in accommodations such as tree, or mud houses, we think you will likely to go ape over top, trending destinations, like Berlin?


Tuscany, Italy

You’re no ordinary bird! Roosters are practical and neat. You prefer to fly long haul where you can rule the roost on the other side of the world. As you are most compatible with an Ox or Snake, you might want them to join you on quest for an airy coop with clean cut designs?


Paris, France

Dogs are known to be a loyal and faithful lot, preferring yearly long-haul destinations to quick regional trips. Dogs also have trouble finding mates. Perhaps that’s why you wag your tail at the very idea of a solo trip. If you are planning one soon, your best bet would be to head to the City of Love — Paris where you might just find your next mate.


San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico

Pigs are generally innately well-mannered and are peace-loving companions. You are entertaining and people enjoy your company. These attributes perfectly explain why you would rather travel in big groups, hang out in a villa with a pool than fly solo. Although you are an amicable creature who can befriend everyone, travelling with Rabbits or Goats would be the best way to have your vacation!

source : Airbnb