Chinese Zodiac Predictions for 2016

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Overview :

Rat : Everything good is coming your way.

Ox : Lucky star strikes, all dream come true!

Tiger : Being weighed down, poising for growth

Rabbit : Blessings and misfortunes come together, and saviors will bring good luck.

Dragon : You will be clear-minded and have a prosperous year.

Snake : Pressure will be high, monetary gain will increase and depression will appear.

Horse : You stay in your comfort zone and there might be risks.

Goat : To establish your career is easy but it will be difficult to guard your fortune.

Monkey : You have to find your way on your own in the difficult situation.

Rooster : You can succeed and fail at the same time due to your popularity.

Dog : Lucky star is shining and you will have monetary gain when you are proactive.

Pig : Problems with personal management will bring you troubles.