Chinese Zodiac : Five Elements

In Chinese philosophy, our universe consists of five basic elements namely Metal, Water, Wood, Fire and Earth. They interact with each other and their carefully balanced systems make up the universe.

Each of the elements is associated with one major planet in the Solar System: Venus (Metal), Mercury (Water), Jupiter (Wood), Mars (Fire) and Saturn (Earth). Each element generates another and is generated by one. At the same time, each element controls another and is controlled by one. The mutual generating and controlling relationships among the Elements serve to maintain a balance in the universe.

Generating & Supporting (Affinity Relationship) :
* Wood feeds Fire
* Fire produces Earth (ashes)
* Earth bears Metal
* Metal carries Water (water condenses on metal)
* Water nourishes Wood

Controlling & Overcoming (Destructive Relationship) :
* Wood parts Earth (such as roots)
* Earth absorbs Water (water can be dammed up by earth)
* Water quenches Fire
* Fire melts Metal
* Metal chops Wood

These five elements are also paired with the animal signs in Chinese astrology. For instance, one born in 1987 is "Fire Rabbit". When the elements and animal signs are combined, a Chinese astrology reading can become more accurate. Assigning one of the elements to each of the twelve years (animals) creates 60 different combinations. Rather than operating in a 12-year cycle, the Chinese Zodiac is actually based on a system of 60-year cycle.

Five Elements and Personality