The Little Prince Quotes in Different Languages with Audio mp3

Last updated: 31 May 2019

This page is dedicated to my favorite quotes from one of the most beloved books of all time:

Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince)

A few things to know before reading the translations:
  • Le Petit Prince (The Little Prince) was originally written in French by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and first published in 1943.

  • The English quotes are from Katherine Woods' English translation published in 1943.  Woods' work is regarded as a classic in spite of some notable "errors". It is said to be poetic and able to capture the spirit of Saint-Exupéry's original text. Katherine Woods had her own style as a translator. She "created" phrases that did not exist in the original, such as "time soothes all sorrows" which has consoled many readers' hearts including mine.

  • The Chinese quotes are my own translation. It is my humble attempt to translate the French text into my mother tongue Chinese. Therefore, the Chinese version here is based on Saint-Exupéry's original text, NOT Katherine Woods' English version.

  • As for other language versions, I collected them from the internet, Google Books, etc. Whether they are derived from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's French original or Katherine Woods' English interpretation, I will leave it to the readers' own judgement.

Option 1: Text only

Quotes from the original French text of "Le Petit Prince" plus translations in different languages: English, Chinese (both traditional and simplified), Spanish, Italian, German and Portuguese:

Option 2: Text + Audio mp3

Here you will have quotes from the original and translated text of "Le Petit Prince" with audio mp3. I hope language learners will find the audio clips useful for practising their target languages.

Le Petit Prince (Français French): Text + French Audio

The Little Prince (English): Text + English Audio

小王子 (中文 Chinese): coming soon

El Principito (Español Spanish): Text + Spanish Audio

Il Piccolo Principe (Italiano Italian): coming soon

Der Kleine Prinz (Deutsch German): coming soon

O Pequeno Príncipe (Português Portuguese): coming soon