Chinese Zodiac Sign : Horse

Horse is the seventh animal in the Chinese astrological cycle. Horse people are active and energetic. They are generally cheerful, popular and easy to get along with.

Charming as they are, Horses are always perfectly groomed. They like to be surrounded by people who support them. Freedom and independence are very important to Horses. They are so independent that they tend to refuse to listen others' advice. They also like challenges and have a strong desire to succeed. Temperamentally, they are hot-blooded and impatient and tend to act on impulse.

Quick-witted and mentally alert, they are quick and efficient in all their tasks. They are particularly adept at handling money and can make a good financier. But they do not like routine and are easily bored. They are basically creatures of changing moods and are liable to lose interest suddenly in things.

In relationship, Horses have a lot of sex appeal but they are not very smart in love. He will soon get tired of the same people and the same situations. Fortunatelly, the Horses mellow with age and are likely to settle down in later life.

What will the horses do if they have 2 light bulbs?

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# 25 January 1906 - 12 February 1907: Fire Horse
# 11 February 1918 - 31 January 1919: Earth Horse
  • Billy Graham (7 November 1918)
# 30 January 1930 - 16 February 1931: Metal Horse
# 15 February 1942 - 4 February 1943: Water Horse
# 3 February 1954 - 16 February 1955: Wood Horse
# 21 January 1966 - 8 February 1967: Fire Horse
# 7 February 1978 - 27 January 1979: Earth Horse
# 27 January 1990 - 14 February 1991: Metal Horse
# 12 February 2002 - 31 January 2003: Water Horse