Chinese Zodiac Sign : Dog

Dog is the eleventh animal in the Chinese astrological cycle. Dog people are honest, helpful, faithful and sincere. They are also righteous and cannot accept injustice.

Reliable as they are, Dogs can keep secrets for others. Gossip is simply not their cup of tea. They enjoy helping people and generously give useful and effective advice to those around them. Although they are not good at socializing, they are respected by others and have many close friendships. Being the most humanitarian and the least materialistic, the Dog does well in jobs which is related to the welfare of others, e.g. an active trade union leader, a priest, a doctor or an educator.

But the Dog is anxious and pessimistic in nature. He never really relaxes. He gives the impression of looking systematically for faults in everything he does and is difficult to adapt to change.

Personal relationships are the most important part in the Dog's life. Once they trust you, the friendship is for life and they may make the best friend. In love, they are sincere and loyal to their partners.

What will the dogs do if they have 2 light bulbs?

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# 10 February 1910 - 21 January 1911: Metal Dog
# 28 January 1922 - 14 February 1923: Water Dog
# 14 February 1934 - 25 January 1935: Wood Dog
# 2 February 1946 - 21 January 1947: Fire Dog
# 17 February 1958 - 8 February 1959: Earth Dog
# 6 February 1970 - 26 January 1971: Metal Dog
# 25 January 1982 - 12 February 1983: Water Dog
# 10 February 1994 - 30 January 1995: Wood Dog
# 29 January 2006 - 17 February 2007: Fire Dog