Chinese Zodiac Animal Signs : 2 Light Bulbs

What do the Animals do when they have 2 light bulbs?

The Rat talks about them at a party.

The Ox uses them provided they are traditional bulbs.

The Tiger is enthusiastic over starting a project about them and will be the leader.

The Rabbit collects them.

The Dragon makes sure they are perfect and feels proud.

The Snake gambles them away or/and writes a research paper about them.

The Horse is bored by them.

The Goat paints one of the bulbs and composes a song for the other.

The Monkey is good at selling them.

The Rooster compares the bulbs' prices and value for money.

The Dog worries about breaking or losing them.

The Pig gives them to others and pays good money for another luxurious model or substitute.

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